Concealed Carry

What should I Expect?

Beginning in September, we will hold 5 spots open to provide educators with free concealed carry training.  Contact us to register.

  • Fully indoor shooting range – No worries about the weather!  All of our training takes place at our facility.
  • Illinois and Florida qualification – Our training covers all aspects of the Illinois concealed carry license requirements.  As a bonus, completion of our training also qualifies you for a Florida concealed carry license
  • Have you served in the military or are you still serving? You will only need Session 2.  Just bring a copy of your DD214 or your current military ID and you will only pay $75 for the training.
  • Professional and friendly instructors – Our instructors have decades of military, law enforcement, and civilian training experience.  Not to worry though, they are still friendly and will be happy to address any questions or concerns that come up along the way.
  • Breakfast!  Donuts from our friends at Mister Donut (the only one in the United States!) will be ready and waiting for you along with fresh coffee.

Upcoming Concealed Carry Training Classes
September 22, 2018 – Session 2 8a-430p – Full
October 20, 2018 – Session 1 8a-4p
October 27, 2018 – Session 2 8a-430p – Full
November 3, 2018 – Session 1 8a-4p
November 10, 2018 – Session 2 8a-430p
December 1, 2018 – Session 1 8a-4p
December 8, 2018 – Session 2 8a-430p

Standby is available!  If students fail to attend, we may have spots for you.  If you would like to try for standby, just come in before class starts and speak to our staff to try for a spot.

Which one should I take?
Illinois requires 16 hours of training to qualify for a Concealed Carry License.  Session 1 will cover the first 8 hours, which is basic firearm handling, cleaning, and skills.  If you have a DD214, NRA Basic Pistol training, or another combination of 8 hours of training credit, you do not need this class.  Session 2 is the second 8 hours and covers Illinois law and the qualification shooting.
Where is the class?
The training takes place at the store, 3685 East Broadway in Alton.
How much does it cost?
Session 1 is $75.  Session 2 is $75.  A $20 per session deposit is required to hold your place.
How do I sign up?
You will need to make full payment in order to hold your place in the courses.  You will need to stop by the shop at 3685 East Broadway and make your payment.  If you aren’t able to make to the store to sign up, you can email and mail a check to hold your place.
What do I bring?
Session 1 – Pen, paper, your firearm, and cleaning kit.  If you wish to bring a drink or lunch, a refrigerator and microwave are available on site.  Please do not bring ammunition to your Session 1 class!
Session 2 – Pen, paper, your firearm, 50-100 rounds of factory loaded ammunition, eye and ear protection, and concealable holster.  If you wish to bring a drink or lunch, a refrigerator and microwave are available on site.  Ammunition is available for purchase and firearms are available to borrow from the shop.
What if I need to change dates?
You may change your scheduled class with 48 hour notice.  If you fail to notify us that you will not be at the class, your payment will be forfeit.  If you choose to reschedule, there will be a 20% additional fee.

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Concealed Carry Renewal
Is it that time already?  You’ve found the best place for your class!

Topic covered
Updates to Illinois laws covering use of force, firearms, and concealed carry.
Requalification shoot

How much will it cost?
Only $40!

What do I need?
A pen and paper, your pistol, and 50 rounds of factory loaded ammunition for your pistol.  Ammunition is available for purchase and pistols are available to borrow from the shop.

Course Dates
September 8, 2018 8am-11am
October 13, 2018 8am-11am
November 17, 2018 8am-11am
December 15, 2018 8am-11am

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Basics of Handgun Shooting

 Are you completely new to handgun shooting?  Come learn the basics in a small class setting with friendly instructors!
Topics Covered
Range safety
Types of Handguns
Fundamentals of firearm handling
Sight Alignment and Sight Picture
Loading and unloading
Course Dates
August 15, 2018 6p-9p
September 19, 2018 6p-9p
October 17, 2018 6p-9p
November TBA
December TBA
What Should I Bring?
100 rounds of factory loaded ammunition
Eye and Ear Protection
How much does it cost?
How do I sign up?
Call the shop at (618) 433-2715 or stop by to sign up

Unarmed Self Defense (Krav Maga)
Course dates
Courses are held each Monday from 6pm-8pm at Piasa Armory.
How much does it cost?
The course costs $40 per month
What is Krav Maga?
Empty Hand Self Defense
Learn simple and effective empty hand self-defense against armed and unarmed predators.  This is a very unique art which was originally developed in the late 1930s to teach unarmed Israelis to defend themselves against armed soldiers.  It was later taught to Israeli Special Forces and is their official hand to hand combat method.
Also included:
Knife fighting
It is important to have options!  Learn to effectively use an edged tool as a means of self-defense.  In this class, we will cover elements of Military Tactical Knife, Apache Knife Fighting, and Filipino Knife Fighting.
Complete Self Protection System
There are many pieces to the self-defense puzzle.  Situational awareness, firearms training, edged weapons, empty hand defense, and mental preparedness are all important pieces.  In this class you will learn how to put these pieces together and develop a self defense plan and a safe lifestyle.

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Our training is open to everyone!  We cover the whole Riverbend area including Alton, Godfrey, East Alton, Wood River, Bethalto, Roxana, Edwardsville, Glen Carbon, Fairview Heights, Gillespie, Granite City, Pontoon Beach, Grafton, Moro, Medora, Collinsville, Belleville, and more!

Creating a culture of responsible firearm ownership

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