FFL Transfers


Need an FFL transfer ?  No problem!  Our fee is $20 per firearm.

We do ask that you give us a heads up to expect something coming our  way, but as long as the firearm is legal in Illinois, you have our  permission to send it our way without any other approval.


What does that mean?  Unfortunately, we cannot transfer or cause to be  transferred any firearm that melts under the 800 degree point.  These  are mostly 22lr pistols such as Cobra and Heritage.  We will NOT  transfer these firearms and you will be responsible for arranging return  shipping to the seller.

There are only a few things that we request from the sender:

  • A clear and legible copy of an FFL (or business name and FFL number)  if coming from a business, or a clear and legible copy of a drivers  license if coming from an individual.
  • A name and phone number for the individual to receive the firearm.   We want to ensure that we can let you know when your items arrive!

We are happy to send a copy of our FFL to anyone that needs it, but  for faster service, click the link to access our current FFL.

When your firearm ships, please come by the shop to complete your paperwork. Our policy is that the waiting period begins when you have done this.

We allow 2 weeks to pick up your firearm unless you make  other arrangements with us.  We are happy to accept your transfer while  you are out of town, stationed out of state, or deployed, but if you do  not make prior arrangements, a $20 per week storage fee will be assigned  to each firearm until they are picked up.

After 6 months, your firearm will be considered abandoned and disposed of as we see fit.  

If you have any questions, please call us at (618) 433-2715 or email

Download our FFL

We keep a current copy of our FFL right here for your convenience.  You don't need prior approval to transfer firearms our way, just stop by the shop to complete your paperwork and let us know what to expect.

Download FFL Here

Current FFL

FFL 3685 E Broadway Signed Web Exp 2022 (pdf)