What’s happening at Piasa Armory?

Date Night
Every Monday 4pm-7pm
Ready to have a fun night with your significant other?  Bring them by the shop to have a bit of range time !  The fee will be just $10 for the lane use (regularly $20 for two people) and you can pick one rental gun for no extra charge (ammunition not included, must be purchased from Piasa Armory).   Date night will be every Monday night!

Ladies Night
Every Tuesday 4pm-7pm
Every Tuesday night, ladies can come shoot for half price and enjoy a free rental firearm! (ammunition not included, must be purchased from Piasa Armory).

Veteran and First Responder Night
Every Wednesday
Every Wednesday night, veterans and first responders (police, fire and EMS) can come shoot for half price and enjoy a free rental firearm! (ammunition not included, must be purchased from Piasa Armory).

Shooting Leagues
Ready for some friendly competition?  Each league is only $5 per week per person, so join one or all four!  One target per league is included and consists of 5 small bullseyes.  The course of fire will be 10 practice shots at any distance followed by 10 at each marked distance (5, 7, 10, and 15 yards) for a total of 50 rounds fired.  Our league works a bit differently than others.  Rather than forcing you into a league night, you can simply come by any time that the range is open and shoot your course of fire for the week (teams do not need to shoot together).  Scores will be posted weekly in the shop and the league will run for 6 weeks.

League classes are divided as follows:
Individual Centerfire
Individual Rimfire
Team (up to 5 shooters) Centerfire
Team (up to 5 shooters) Rimfire

IDPA style defensive pistol competition

What do I need?
-A 9mm or larger pistol
-A belt fitting through all of your belt loops, no wider than 1.75 (police officers may use their duty belt, but must have the full duty loadout on during the competition)
-A holster.  Outside the waistband (must use belt loop attachment) or inside the waistband. Strong side only! All retention devices on holsters must be used or permanently disabled
-A belt magazine carrier

How do I sign up?
Visit, create a profile, and check back here for match links.  You must register and pay ahead of time to guarantee a place in the matches.  If you have not registered and paid, spots may be available on a stand-by basis, but that is not guaranteed.  Registration links can be found on our Practiscore page when registration opens.

Piasa Armory Practiscore Page

Armed Personal Confrontation Match
This is our monthly A.P.C. (Armed Personal Confrontation) match. It is designed to offer shooters to revisit the skills they were introduced to in their CCW training. Requirements are a valid CCW permit; a firearm with a 3.5″ barrel or less; a strong side holster; at least two magazines; eye and ear protection; and 100 rounds of ammunition.  Matches run on the third Friday each month and can be found on practiscore.

Piasa Armory Practiscore Page



Piasa Armory
3685 E. Broadway
Alton, IL  62002
(618) 433-AR15
Mon-Sat 10a-7p
Sun 12p-6p

Creating a culture of responsible firearm ownership

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